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In this so-called Information Age, we rely on being able to access internet more than ever before. From communicating with other people to storing files; advertising business services to protecting our assets, we all need the internet to operate at our full potential. If your business is having problems with its internet services, or is keen to investigate alternative services around Wi-Fi, broadband and voice connectivity, Cloud4Sure are the people to call. Our experts keep pace with technological advancements and developments in order to pass this valuable information and assistance on to you, our valued customers.

Business BroadBand

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Business Broadband

Technology Partners

Whilst we utilise the services of BT Wholesale and TalkTalk Business’ networks to facilitate our connections, all traffic is delivered to our network. Our own network is split across multiple physical POPs and delivers the highest levels of resilience and redundancy. we aim to deliver our services without contention within our network, ensuring that our customers can use these services with confidence. We utilise our own RADIUS and IP ranges, and in combination with the features and facilities shared with our partner resellers, we add a lot of value which few platforms can match.

Broadband Technologies


Next generation ADSL technology offering download speeds of up to 24Mbps. Upload speeds of up to 1Mbps are possible.
From £14.25*


The speeds that you achieve are determined by the length and quality of the line to your premises. Available in 40/10 and 80/20Mbps
From £27.45*

G.FAST is from the FTTC product portfolio, and simply put is a superfast variant.
Variable speeds up to 300Mbps
From £35.75*


The FTTP product uses fibre infrastructure and provides an alternative solution to FTTC. Speeds up to 330 down and 30 Mbps up
From £49.50*

*All price are ex VAT and subject to qualification

Leased Line

Cloud 4 Sure partners with a total of 7 different UK carriers to deliver leased line services to your offices. We have chosen these carriers as they can complement each other either through geographic coverage, or aid in the delivery of resilient or diverse connectivity. The carrier passes traffic across to our own network to manage. Making sense of what carrier to select as part of your quoting journey is made easy, and often it is a choice led by which carrier is cheapest.

BT Wholesale

The BT Wholesale portfolio we offer extends from copper based EFM and EoFTTC connections through to full fibre solutions and now ever wireless. This allows us to provide you with a leased line solution that meets your budget, regardless of location within the UK.


CityFibre are offering a unique alternative to Openreach, utilising their own ducts and fibre. They present a very tempting solution where they are on-net as their prices are hard to beat. Their footprint is growing steadily, and as new cities are enabled constantly.


Colt has an impressive global network, spanning 4 continents and 32 countries. We are primarily adding them into our portfolio for access to their London Metropolitan network access. Here they have laid their own fibre presenting a genuine alternative to Openreach and Virgin fibre solutions.


We can supply Openreach EAD Ethernet circuits which are ideal solutions for short-distance (up to 40km) point-to-point Ethernet circuits for speeds from 100Mb up to 10Gb.

Sky Wholesale

Sky provide Openreach based fibre Ethernet solutions across the UK. Through a network of 2800+ enabled local access exchange they are often able to provide pricing which is hard for any other carrier to beat.


We have partnered with TalkTalk Business (formally Opal) for UK-wide access to EFM, EoFTTC and fibre leased lines. They provide a unique and complementary service other Openreach suppliers or alternative fibre carriers.

Virgin Media

Only fibre based products are available from Virgin Media, and in some areas, where they already have fibre laid in the area, their pricing is very hard to beat. This makes them a credible alternative to consider to Openreach based solutions from BT Wholesale, Sky and TalkTalk Business.

Mobile Data

JolaNet 4G

Most businesses require fast, reliable internet connectivity wherever they are and challenges arise when suitable fixed line solutions are unavailable or the requirement is only temporary. 4G mobile data is now an accepted alternative to fixed broadband, Ethernet, satellite and wireless


JolaNet 4G includes a router, preconfigured with a range of data-only SIM packages and bolt-ons, managed via Mobile Manager. Our 4G routers are great value and provide high-speed mobile broadband internet connectivity.