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In a small to medium-sized business with little or no IT support staff, times can be challenging when something goes wrong.

Cloud 4 Sure's approach to end-user support is proactive rather than the traditional reactive support model.

Included in the fixed fee service is Remote Management, patch management, Anti-Virus and security


Starting Price from as little as £10 per User per Month

Get Started in no time

One Minute!

Is all it takes to install the agent software

Within minutes we are provided with detailed information about you device


Bitdefender GravityZone, the ranked Number 1 security solution

Layered Protection, Web-based security, AI and Machine-based learning

Remote Support

Simply click on the toolbar icon to request support, or send us an email.

If the issue is urgent the wearer only a phone call away


We monitor each device for availability. This includes Vulnerabilities, Services running,  Computer capacity, and Hardware failures.

Compliance monitoring is also available

Special Offer

For a limited time we are offering this service at a reduced cost. Normally £19.99 per month.

Managed Service Desk

  • Bitdefender Cloud Security
  • Remote Support
  • Monitoring of Hardware
  • Monitoring of Operating System
  • OS Patch Management

Why Should You Choose Cloud 4 Sure For IT Support In Fareham?

If you are concerned about the communicational quality functions for business, you know that state-of-art technologies help you to do more profit. Every business manager knows that an IT upgrade is needed from time to time. Cloud 4 Sure can help you get activities in the right order. We are keen on software and hardware, difficult and complicated settings, VoIP and cloud storage. Feel free to ask us about the IT support in Fareham. Cloud 4 Sure expert teams will tune your new IT systems, fix errors, deal with updates, troubleshoot any issues around internet connectivity or cloud-based storage. And, of course, we do a huge list of other technological things.

What are the differences in our IT support services?

Cloud 4 Sure has built up a portfolio of communications and cloud-based services designed to enhance and support any business seeking help with its IT provision. We can put together a bespoke package, giving you access to precisely what you need in terms of services, while not forcing you to spend money on areas that you do not need.

Our services range from remote IT support and server hosting to internet connectivity and voice services, including VoIP. We can also support your business with cloud-based storage, back-up and antivirus services and Microsoft Office applications, including Outlook and Teams for instant and easy connections, wherever you and your teams are based. Our talented teams can help your business with email protection, web server hosting, SSL certificates and domain names. We can also advise and support you with your IT hardware and accessories purchasing, maintenance and upgrading.

IT Support For Small Businesses In Fareham

At Cloud 4 Sure we understand how much sole traders and small business owners have to handle all at once – especially when they are just starting out. We can help your Fareham-based small business get started with the right IT and communications set-up, working out the best configuration of cloud-based and online services, as well as the hardware needed to run it all. We will work closely with you to ensure that your digital and computing requirements are all met, on time and to budget, leaving you free to get on with planning the future of your small business.

IT Support For Medium Businesses In Fareham

As your business grows and you take on more staff and projects or move to a larger office or location in Fareham, so your IT requirements will expand with you. Increased staffing numbers mean an increased need not only for IT and telephony hardware but for storage, online communications capacity and protection against cyber threats and loss of data. Cloud 4 Sure can provide IT support services in Bournemouth as a one-off project or on an on-going basis, depending on your requirements.

IT Support For Large Or Multi-site Businesses In Fareham

Cloud 4 Sure has built up many years of experience in diverse areas of remote and cloud-based IT support in Fareham, meaning that we are ready and able to take on projects for clients of all sizes, including a Bournemouth-based large business operating from more than one location. Whether you need to kit out your latest satellite office with a full IT and communications network or it’s time for an upgrade to your servers or online presence, we can help you sort everything out. Whether you have your own IT department or need us to step in and fulfil the function remotely, we will adapt our approach to fit in with your business and ensure you receive the best possible support.

Remote IT Support

Recent events have shown the world that it is actually perfectly possible for many businesses to operate remotely across all, most or some of their functions. We have all grown more familiar with video conferencing, remote working and online file storage, backing up and communicating with others working in different locations, or even time zones. Our remote business IT services fit in perfectly with this new way of working. Let IT support provider, Cloud 4 Sure, guide you through it and help you take full advantage of our remote services and cloud IT support.

Outsourced IT Support

Many of our valued clients tell us that the most appreciated aspect of what we offer them is the fact that we are always on hand, ready to support their IT and communications functions with a professional, fully equipped team. Being able to outsource this essential part of business life offers peace of mind and frees up the rest of your team to get on with their day jobs without stressing about issues with IT. Outsourcing works brilliantly for all kinds of businesses, especially those with limited physical space for IT teams, extra IT equipment or bulky servers. Sometimes, in terms of physical space required, less really can be more.

Managed IT Services

Not everyone can be an IT expert, so let Cloud 4 Sure take the strain of managing your IT functions with our outsourced, managed IT support services. Whether you need to move your server hosting online, or require assistance with upgrading or establishing your web hosting server, domain names or cloud-based storage and back up, we can help you sort it all out. We can also help you stay connected with support services around telephony, VoIP, email and video conferencing software. Don’t struggle alone – we can help you set up and maintain the right IT pro support and communications configuration for your individual business needs.

Ready To Speak To Our Experts?

Contact Cloud 4 Sure to get help you with IT support in Fareham. We can free your business from experiencing any errors or interruptions in telephony services or online actions. We make all your software settings suitable and give useful advice on how to reduce costs for IT requirements. So with our team, you can concentrate on your company and forget about experiencing any hitches or stress from the IT-sphere. Feel free to call us – we are happy to answer all your questions about IT support in Fareham.


IT support services are the functions within a company that cover the installation, maintenance, upgrading and troubleshooting of IT and communications hardware, software and online or cloud-based service. The function can also clover such areas as cyber security, training, consultancy and procurement through an on-site presence or remote IT support

An IT support company is an external business with experts in communications, cloud-based services, server hosting, computing and other technological functions, which works with other businesses to provide professional IT advice and support

While some companies might be in the position of being able to employ their own team of in-house IT experts, this is not always the case. Having ready access to an IT company full of experts who can offer advice, assist with upgrade projects and offer troubleshooting support whenever it is required offers peace of mind and avoids IT-related business interruptions from affecting the bottom line.

Outsourcing your company’s IT support means that you don’t have to employ anyone in-house to perform this function, thus saving on payroll costs and physical space. You can call on your IT outsourcing company for assistance when you need it, knowing that the team who helps you will be professional, adaptable and up to date with all latest IT and communications thinking.

Do your research carefully to make sure that your chosen IT company offers the precise services you need, and that you are comfortable working with them. You may wish to choose a company that is close to you on location so that they can reach you easily if a problem develops on site. You may also wish to read reviews online and contact existing clients if you want to find out more about what it is like to work with an IT support technician from the company before signing on the dotted line to secure their services.

Costs of remote IT support can vary, depending on the level of professional tech support you need, how often you call on the company and what the issue are that you need them to address. Many IT support companies in the UK offer their services on a project-by-project basis or a fixed price IT support package, as well as on an ongoing retainer basis. You will be able to get a more detailed idea of the costs involved by speaking directly to the company involved.