Voice Services

Voice over IP Solutions

More and more businesses that already have a reliable internet set up are turning to a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) cloud phone system for their phone services, with the enhanced connectivity and lower rates offering attractive benefits.

VoIP can replace, or be used alongside more traditional telephony systems and is normally delivered through your internet connection, alongside any broadband or other internet services you are already signed up to.

Effective communication is at the heart of every successful business. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is changing the way we speak to each other for good. Making voice calls using your broadband internet connection offers multiple benefits over analogue telephony, from lower costs to clearer sound quality. Cloud4Sure can help you switch to VoIP, as well as choose the right system for your business and be on hand to help with any service or connectivity issues, should they arise.

MicrosoftBusiness Voice

Connect, Collaborate, Communicate

Key Features

Modern Phone System

With Microsoft Team and Business voice you get everything you would expect from a modern telephone system. Included in the solutions is call control, call queues, auto-attendants, voice mail and more.



Imagine all communication in one App which seamlessly syncs contacts and save time and money in a world classed phone system.

Built in to Microsoft 365

Management and setup is built into Microsoft 365, something most Administrators are familiar and comfortable with already.

Provisioning new users with new telephone numbers in a matter of minutes.

Stay Connected

Take calls, chat messages and collaborate on the move with a single telephone number available on computers, mobiles, tablets and desk phones.

Securely work with confidence

As Microsoft Business Voice is built into Office 365 you get the built-in security, compliance and manageability that it provides, plus all aspects in a single coherent admin panel.

Microsoft Business Voice

Microsoft 365 Business Voice

  • Cloud-based phone system with advanced features including call transfer, multi-level auto attendants, and call queues.
  • Includes a domestic calling plan with 1,200 minutes per user, per month within UK.
  • Dial-in audio conferencing for up to 250 people per meeting.
  • Call from anywhere, on any device through the Microsoft Teams app on desktop, mobile, web, and desk phones.
  • **Business Voice requires a Microsoft 365 subscription that includes Microsoft Teams**

Mitel Hosted Voice

Cloud based phone system

Hosted Voice with Mobility allows your customers to connect
to their colleagues when out of the office and via any location. Offering true mobility, there’s no line rental and your customers will get free calls between their offices, alongside cheaper local and international call rates.

Customer Benefits

Reduced Costs

Savings of 45% on average by using VoIP instead of traditional phone lines.


Feature Rich

The range of features available enables your clients to manage their business communications effectively.


Quick Setup

Clients can be set up in minutes in the self-service portal, with add-ons and changes made quickly for each business.

Platform Features

Voice to Email

Retrieve voicemails without dialling in to the system


Presence Software

Avoid making calls to users that are not available


Call Recording

Instantly record any call at the touch of a button


Music On Hold

Upload music to make being on hold interesting


Mobile Pairing/Twinning

Take calls on the move with the Mitel MiCollab mobile app


Twin Ring

One phone number, multiple end points

Hosted Voice Pricing

Hosted Voice 2000 Minutes with Mobility

  • 5 User Minimum
  • 2000 inclusive National and Mobile minutes to 01, 02, 03, 07 numbers pooled across all users
  • Call itemisation, call reporting and call recording
  • Audio conferencing (up to 5 people)
  • Free number porting
  • Free DDIs (block of 10)
  • MiCollab Softphone / Smartphone software
  • In-built music on hold
  • Individual & group voicemail system
  • Twin Ring (desk and mobile)

Jola Direct Routing

Direct Routing For Microsoft Teams

Direct Routing provides a PSTN solution for the Microsoft Teams Phone System. It allows users to make and receive UK and international calls to, and from, non-Teams users, without needing a hosted telephony system or PBX. Direct Routing offers a cost-effective alternative to Microsoft’s Calling Plans.

Key Benefits

Unlimited Calls

Microsoft's call packages are limited to 1,200 minutes. With Direct Routing calls are unlimited.



From a few to tens of thousands of session


Free Call recording

Currently, there is no call recording from Microsoft Business Voice

Key Features

In-Country Call Packages

Unlimited in-country local call packages in 30 countries


Telephone Numbers

Numbers available in 167 countries and every UK area code


Microsoft Certified

Microsoft's approved solution

Unlimited Call Package only £8.99 per User Per Month